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Help, Split Plumb tree, Damson half dieing

G split


  • jacquib40jacquib40 Posts: 3
    We inherited this lovely grafted plum tree from the previous homeowners.  I noticed that the whole of the damson side of the tree is dieing.  The other side sustained storm damage, from a branch that split and eventually fell down due to the large crop of fruit that the tree could not sustain.  I think this might be why the other half is dieing?  The healthy side, bears yellow plums but I have no idea what type.
  • IamweedyIamweedy Posts: 1,364
    Someone will come along soon with better information than I have . I hope it can be saved.

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  • BobTheGardenerBobTheGardener Posts: 11,384
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    Playing good cop, bad cop here :) :  It is possible that the tree is crucially short on water but the grafted variety on the right is able to cope better than the one on the left.  Possibly more likely is that the graft has failed or a disease has entered via the damage you mention and the tree on the right has now completely taken over.  It might be a combination of these things.  All you can really do to help is to remove all of the fruit from the left tree;  If it thinks it is dying, it may be putting all of its energy into the fruit (seed) in a last-ditch attempt to propagate.  Crucially, give it 2 buckets of water a day until the hot weather ends, then half that until things are cooler and a lot wetter!  If no new leaves appear within a month or two, it is unlikely to come back and I would cut the dead tree down - the other one will fill out to help balance the shape in time.
    PS, what is that yellow & red thing - looks like a toy duck's beak?  Is that attached to the trunk in any way?  Just thinking something like wire attaching it could have strangled the tree!
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  • jacquib40jacquib40 Posts: 3
    Hi Bob,
    Thanks for the advice.  Both trees were really healthy until the branch broke off and then the yellow plum tree took over and seems to be zapping the strength from the Damson half.  I have given it a good watering and will remove all the fruit and see if that helps.

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