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Clematis Rebecca problems

Scotty66Scotty66 Posts: 11
Hi all, first time been on a forum. I have a problem with my new clematis which has only been in the ground for a week if anyone can give me advice. It's planted deep and shaded with grey chippings on top. Been watered well but leaves turning brown and looks as though something has been nibbling it. Help please as it's flowering beautifully and don't want to lose it.


  • Busy-LizzieBusy-Lizzie Posts: 22,659
    That happened to mine. I thought it was dead, but now it's growing again from the bottom. Could there be a slug or a snail?
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  • Scotty66Scotty66 Posts: 11
    Hi thanks for answering,can't see anything at the base of the plant at present. As it's planted with slate chippings at the base I thought that would stop any slugs as they don't normally like anything rough to travel over?
  • Deemillennas, I have also recently planted a clematis - it is approx 12 inches tall, fresh and new.  I have watered it meticulously and noticed that something was eating the leaves even though I have wood chip surrounding the clematis.  Each night this week I have been out with a little torch and have found more than 5 huge slugs on the leaves of the clematis.  I imagine that the watering has tempted the slugs out of their homes - they must be as desperate for moisture as our plants are! I have moved them on to the lawn where they don't seem to do so much harm.
  • Scotty66Scotty66 Posts: 11
    Thank you Guernsey Donkey and Busy-Lizzie I'll be out with my torch tonight slug hunting!! 
  • Let us know if you find any slugs deemillennas.
    I don't normally do slug hunting at night, unless it is a precious plant that is being munched. It certainly was worthwhile to look out for my clematis though.
  • Pete.8Pete.8 Posts: 10,963
    I've had a Rebecca for 5-6 years now in a pot - stunning when in flower.
    As you can see, mine also gets a few nibbles on mostly lower leaves and a few flowers, and there are more nibbles now after the first flush of flowers. It happens every year, but the damage is very minor so I don't do anything.
    In this weather I water at least every day.

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  • Scotty66Scotty66 Posts: 11
    Hi Pete8, beautiful Rebecca, hope mine grows like that. Well went out slug hunting before going to bed and found nothing on the plant or beside it. I also water every night. Will have to see how it grows and hopefully no more problems!
  • Yes Pete's Rebecca is lovely and I am striving to match his as closely as possible.  At the moment my clematis is feeling sorry for itself and not doing too well, however with vigilance and nightly forays on slug hunts I hope mine will thrive soon. Keep checking for the slugs deemillennas.
  • Scotty66Scotty66 Posts: 11
    Well...still no slugs but found the petals with small holes in them this morning, any ideas????
  • Kitty 2Kitty 2 Posts: 5,150
    It could be any number of creepy crawly beasties dee, but looking at this notched pattern in your photo had me wondering if it might be the dreaded vine weevil.

    I really hope I'm wrong. What do others think?

    @Pete8. Stunning 'Rebecca' you have there. Can I ask how hard you pruned yours in its first year?
    I'm considering chopping my new Rebecca right back next spring and would appreciate hearing your experienced advice.
    Do you follow group 2 pruning for yours? I've read that some G2's respond well to group 3 pruning.
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