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Daphne mezereum

My poor Daphne is looking decidedly sad but only half of it has succumbed so far.  Does anyone know what is wrong and how can I save it?


  • Pete.8Pete.8 Posts: 10,919
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    I don't know what the problem is, but there's obviously some die back. If it were me, I'd cut back the dead bits little by little checking if there's some green, and when there is stop cutting back.
    The elephant in the room of course - has it been in dry soil for some while? (I'm assuming the plant is not in a pot)
    There seems to be some mild yellowing of other leaves which indicated a deficiency of some kind - but that could just be due to lack of water not allowing the plant to take up nutrients that are there, but dried out. That said, your hostas look very good.

    I have a daphne tangutica in full sun all day which seems to be enjoying this unbearably hot weather, and I'm only watering it once a week, if that and it's in flower.

    Hopefully you'll get some more suggestions for forum members.
    Good luck

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  • ButtercupdaysButtercupdays Posts: 4,462
    Have the branches on the path side got damaged by passing traffic, or might they have been 'watered' by an animal?
    The whole plant is looking a bit poorly, have you been watering it?
    We've had 3 months with almost no significant rainfall here and mine is still looking fine, in poor soil and full sun on the edge of the yard. Pretty tough plants - one branch of mine got damaged months ago and is tied up with baler twine until it heals over!
  • Plant is in the ground. 

    Pete8. Yes, I too thought a deficiency when there were just some yellow leaves and so I’ve watered it with sequestrene.  I’m  puzzled why half of it has really got poorly.

    Buttercupdays. I have been watering it - perhaps too much?  It could have been watered by the dog whilst I wasn’t watching. It’s not his usual place.  

    I think I’ll cut it back as suggested and see where it goes from there.  AND keep a beady eye on the dog!

    Thank you for your prompt responses. 
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