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Why do you like this plant and not that one?

I am curious, what attracts one to a particular plant?

For me it is about my past experiences and about romance. For instance I love tall Rudbeckia after we found a hidden lake on the Broads where white swans rear their signets which was surrounded by these yellow beauties. I love Rhododedrons after spending my early career in Victorian Asylums. Many of the plants my father (now 93) and my grandfather grew, I now go into a spin of love about - Dorothy Perkins is in my heart, I grow snap dragons because my grandfather did, and carnations and pinks - which remind me of the Victorian sensibilities. I can still see his waistcoat flapping and his silver pocket watch. 

A dandelion head reminds me of the times like these that has past... alas...

For me gardening is about love, close companions and time



  • PurplerainPurplerain Posts: 1,053
    For nostalgia, I still love deep wine antirrhinum as I remember my Dad loved them. Although I don't grow a lot of roses, I do love them and Peace has a special place in my garden as my lovely Gran grew it after the War.
    SW Scotland
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