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Plum tree roots above ground.

Hello, I have a plum tree which has roots above the ground with suckers. Every year I cut these back but they keep appearing. Last year I cut it back hard, had lots of blossom this year but only 4 fruits! At this rate is it worth keeping or should I just start again.


  • FireFire Posts: 17,352
    Might it have been hard, late frosts that prevented the fruiting. Why are the roots above the ground?
  • |soozie|soozie Posts: 5
    Hi Fire. I have no idea but we are on heavy clay. We didn't get a frost to hit the blossom so I'm at a loss. There are 2 very large roots but it is stable.
  • I have a very similar situation. My plum tree also has roots above the ground which produce suckers, I'm on heavy clay and I cut it back significantly last year. Also I had lots of blossom but have very few fruits. I've been blaming it on the long, cold, wet March which meant there weren't many insects around at blossom time but don't know if that's right.
  • |soozie|soozie Posts: 5
    I'm in Essex too and did exactly what you did! Maybe I'll persevere with it....
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