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Malva Moschata Alba flowers

allymountain13allymountain13 Stroud, GlosPosts: 68
I came home from hols 1st July to find this plant in the midst of an Oscar winning performance. Millions of flowers. Within 1 week, the grass was covered in spent flowers and it has deteriorated ever since. I started to snip off yellow seed heads and any droopy flowers last week. But still no good. Will it die if I cut it back? This would be sad but at least I could look at 2 Salvia Microphyllas behind it instead of an untidy green skeleton with the odd sad flower. Planted as small young plant in April with compost and fish blood bone.  Neutral soil well drained. Fed twice with seaweed root drench in may and June.  Sun from 9am until 7pm. Watered regularly.


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