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Thai chillie plant trauma!

Hy all, new to the forum and would like some advice if you can.
I have a Thai chillie plant with leaves that are drooping.
It is on its second pot up, and a tad spindly, at 21 inches.
However, on the day i re-potted it, i also gave it a good feed/water and i took out the tiny growth heads to make it more bushier. (Maybe TOO much trauma for it!)
The broad leaves still droop every day, but there is much new growth all over the plant now, and i am monitoring my watering/feeding of it.
I did the same with a scotch bonnet and a komodo dragon on the same day with no problems of leaf droop to them and in fact, the komodo is flowering, so i'm wondering now if it is a peculiarity with the thai chillie types?
Any advice would be gratefully accepted, ta!


  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Posts: 86,025
    Hi and welcome  :) 

    Could you post a photo of your plant please (click on the little 'landscape' pic above) and maybe one of our chilli fiends will be able to help ... 

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  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 29,631
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    Drooping can also be a sign of over watering and they should only need feeding every 2 weeks, according to the RHS.  If you're watering into the pot and it's in a saucer or cache-pot I suggest you switch to the dunking method.

    Plunge the plant pot into a bucket or bowl of water a bit deeper than the height of the pot - not cold water, straight from the tap but left to warm for an hour or so - and wait for any air bubbles to stop rising then let it drain before putting back in its tray or container. 

    PS - should add that none of my chilies grew this year and only 3 germinated which is a bummer as very limited supplies in the shops here.  I shall try again next year but earlier and in a heated propagator I can control.  In previous years I've kept chilies going all year and thru winter on the dunking system.
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  • Pete.8Pete.8 Posts: 10,897
    As above - drooping can be a sign of overwatering, but also of overfeeding.
    If your feed is too strong it will force the fluids in your plant to drain into the compost resulting in droopy leaves. For more info, google - plant root osmosis.
    A pic would help

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  • mikky.mikky. Posts: 8
    I thank you all very much for your help!
    Being that i'm not that 'puter literate, i will try and do the piccy thing, but i will take a decent picture of the thai and the missus can put it on if i cannot, she's a whiz on computers!
    @Pete8-thank you for your input, i use a feed called 'Nitrozyme', a concentrate of extract of marine plants at 1-2ml per ltr of water, once every 3 weeks or so.
    Sometimes i will have what i call a 'super mix',--nitrozyme--tomorite--baby bio and.....Tea! (The liquid squeezed out of the t bags and added to my 'super mix')
    I ordered the nitrozyme off the Chillilicious website-the only chilli farm in Scotland.
    All of my plants are doing well on these various 'mixtures', especially my beloved Scotch Bonnet, now in its 3rd year, and too big to move upstairs where you will see the other plants when the pics go up.
    @Obelixx-i'm interested in the dunking system, but will that not completely saturate the plant leaving it a tad water logged?
    I will try this dunking and see what happens!
    ww.ukchilliseeds is just one place you could send to for seeds Obelixx, i'm sure there are many more too. I have a packet of Cayenne long and one of the Carolina Reaper from a workmate who goes on that site.
    Once again, thank you all for your input, a great site!  
  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 29,631
    Dunk and drain then return to place.  Foolproof watering without waterlogging.
    Vendée - 20kms from Atlantic coast.
    "We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing." - George Bernard Shaw
  • mikky.mikky. Posts: 8
    Hy all, me again!
    Well i managed to upload the pics for you, hope they turn out ok!
  • mikky.mikky. Posts: 8
    In the small pots we have a Padron Red, a Dorset Naga, a Cayenne Long and the Carolina reaper. (A bit behind the other three, appeared on Friday.)
    In the two end pots we have a red bell pepper and a yellow bell pepper. (At either end.)
    In between them is the tall Thai chilli-(with a close up of the new growth)-and the recently re-potted Scotch bonnet, and the flowering Komodo Dragon chilli, re-potted the same day as the thai and Scotch Bonnet.
    In the dark bottle is the Nitrozyme concentrate which i use for feeding.(Amongst other feeds!) Bye all!
  • mikky.mikky. Posts: 8
    Hy all, just a quick update on the Thai Chillie trauma that i thought i had!
    It is now flowering and has a fruit on it, though the leaves still droop as much as they ever did.
    I did the dunking thing with all the collection of chillies and fed them a good feed, they all seem ok.
    My good lady wife bought me another Thai red chillie plant which was fruiting and indeed continues to do so.
    It's leaves also droop to the same extent as my other one.
    Maybe i was right in assuming that the drooping is peculiarity of this type of chillie?
    More research methinks!! 
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