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Talkback: Judging at Hampton Court

hi my wife and i visited hampton court for the first time had a fabulous day we loved everything about it pity we couldent buy any plants


  • Hello! I am so new to this - not sure this is the right approach but here goes: - we have here in the northwest (Waterloo outside Liverpool) a set of the most beautiful gardens built in 1918 in the Arts and Crafts style. They have been sadly neglected for many years and just recently we as the residents have decided to get involved in trying to get them back to their original glory. Crusty old men are involved as well as a number of younger more active humans.
    We need help - input - and some ideas - would you be interested in looking a bit more in depth? I hope so - although I don't originate from this area - the gardens really could be spectacular - waterfalls, fountains, arts and crafts beds all waiting to be restored! Hope to hear from you.
  • I have got a orchid which has got tendrills coming out of the pot wot do i do with them any ideas. Thank you
  • I think we should be told how much the BBC pays you to blether on about Henry VIII. I feel a Freedom of Information request coming on.
  • Hi, I'm new to gardening and was wondering if anyone could advise me about my compost bin. I've recently emptied it and it smelt faintly of manure and it was muddy rather than crumbly. What am I doing wrong?
  • loved the mosaic and an wondering how on earth they are going to get it home in one piece so to speak! any ideas?
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