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How to grow Potimarrons

My baby pumpkins have set fruit beautifully and I have cut the end off after the 3rd fruit. Had to throw the 1st Fruit away when it had reached the size of an orange but developed black marks and starting to soften within the mark. The leaves are yellow at the base, but balance of plant seems OK. Any ideas what might be happening? Grown in pots, kept damp and topped with untreated (ie no weedkiller used)dry (very dry) lawn mowings as a mulch. Can I stop the other fruit and/or plants folowing suit and how?


  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 29,645
    Are you feeding them?  Liquid tomato food or comfrey tea would be good but I've only ever grown them in the ground and never had any problems except last year in the drought.  Like all pumpkins and squashes, they need lots of water and are hungry.
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  • biofreakbiofreak Posts: 1,059
    Yes I'm feeding them with my Rhubarb/Marestail/Nettle and Comfrey infusion every 5 days plus checking that they are damp under the lawn mowings as opposed to wet. I have noticed in another thread that someone has grown their's next to potatoes and have problems
    -The potimarron in question is next to my King Edwards whereas the others are nowhere near. The potatoes are beginning to look a bit blighty -Can pumpkins contract blight?
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