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I might be biased, but...

My Celosia is looking more and more spectacular by the day!


  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 29,656
    It looks happy and well cared for so good for you.   I like the pot but not its contents but that's just a matter of personal taste.
    Vendée - 20kms from Atlantic coast.
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  • Obelixx said:
    I like the pot but not its contents...
  • BijdezeeBijdezee Posts: 1,484
    It's a lovely well grown specimen Raspberry  :)
  • Joyce21Joyce21 Posts: 15,489
    That's a real beauty.
    I was given a pack of six but they are only a few inches high and don't look as though they will put on more growth.

    SW Scotland
  • I think lots of sunshine and seaweed feed might be the key... At least, that's all I've made sure they're getting, including a regular watering  B)
  • LynLyn Posts: 22,889
    I’ve just bought one of those pots to repot my fig tree, it’s a big one but wasn’t expensive considering it was from a GC.  They are nice, reminds me of those containers we used to buy with Utensils written on the side. 
    Gardening on the wild, windy west side of Dartmoor. 

  • RubyLeafRubyLeaf Posts: 256
    Whats your secret?  :o
  • RubyLeaf said:
    Whats your secret?  :o
    Sunshine, seaweed feed, and water...? Luck of the draw?  B)
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