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Hebe indentification?

janinerjaniner Posts: 60

Hi there
I've moved into a house with this gorgeous shrub. I think it's a Hebe? I'm trying to identify it so I know how to care for it. It's just finishing flowering and the inside of the bush is looking a little scarse. I'm wondering whether to cut it back a bit? 


  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 4,699
    I don't think that shrub is a Hebe. It does look a bit like an Escallonia Shrub, but it's too far to tell. Could be Escallonia Laevis. They tend to flower a big flush in early to mid summer and then a second flush around early autumn time. Any chance you can photograph it a bit closer? Still not sure on this one. I would hold back on cutting as there may be a further flush of flowers, but safe to shape and cut back lightly in late autumn if it's looking out of shape. 
  • janinerjaniner Posts: 60
    Thank you! I'll take a pic when I get home today. 
  • janinerjaniner Posts: 60

    I looked it up on Google and I think you are right!
    In your opinion, can I give it a good(ish) prune now that it's finished flowering?
  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 4,699
    Thanks for coming back with another photo. I think that is Escallonia and possibly Pink Elle. And it looks very healthy and well grown.

    You can just snip off or pinch out the faded flowerheads now, but I personally don't think you need to prune it back too hard. You can tidy it up lightly, but best leave it till autumn time because they should send out a second flush. But, totally up to you. You can prune now if you wish.
  • janinerjaniner Posts: 60
    I'll take your advice and just cut off the dead flowers. Thank you very much!  
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