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Onion storage

Any good secrets on the best way to store onions? Can I just tie them to eachother and hang them up or should I cut off the stems?
Any help would be great.. 


  • scrogginscroggin Posts: 2,247
    I store my onions in breathable sacks, there are any number to choose from.
    Firstly make sure your onions have dried thoroughly before attempting to store. This current heatwave is perfect for drying outside, otherwise a greenhouse or similar will do. When lifting your onions always use a fork underneath otherwise you may tear the roots out of the bulb causing a site for rot/infection.
    I remove the stems about an inch from the bulb once the stem has dried.
    If you hang them tied together you'll need to leave the stems but I've never used this method so others may help with this method of storage.
    If any of your onions show any blemishes or have thick necks etc then use these straight away as they're unlikely to store well.
    I store my onions in a frost free garage which has low humidity. If the onions are stored in damp conditions they could start to rot.
    Keep checking your stock in case any start to go soft.
    I normally have enough stored onions to keep us going through to April/May of the following year.
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