Preparation for new turf

Hi all, please help!
We have read many sites, watched many videos on how to prepare soil for laying new turf. However still debating a few things... 
It seems we still have a lot of roots to dig but they are white and what we perceive to be, very dead. Do they still need to be dug out? 
We also have an acer tree at the bottom of the area and we would like to plant flowers or shrubs at the base, what are most likely to survive? 

These se may be very silly questions but we are giving it a go!! 

Thanks X


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    The only silly questions are the ones you don't ask B)

    I would dig out all possible roots ... lots of living roots are white ... especially bindweed and ground elder scared

    I'm sure you're very keen to get your turf laid ... however summer is not the right time to do it, especially not this summer ... I would spend my time getting the preparation absolutely perfect, and lay the turf after the first heavy autumn rain ... hopefully some time in September ... the soil will still be warm so the roots will grow well, but the drought should be well and truly over by then.  We've had a lot of sad queries about how to save newly turfed lawns this summer  :'(

    I don't grow acers, but I understand they have a shallow root system so I would be very wary of planting anything other than small spring bulbs at the base ... however there are people on here who know more than I do about them ... I'm sure they'll advise you
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