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I have found some pansy seeds in amongst flowering pansies in a pot..........these are the only seeds I've ever managed to collect, aside from poppy seeds, but they are just so easy to find!  I usually forget to collect seeds or can never find them......does anyone know do I keep the pansy seeds until the Spring or do I plant them now?  Thanks.
Also...........can someone tell when when/what to look for when collecting wallflower seeds.....I've purposefully left the plants in the ground in order to wait to collect seeds.  The seed pods are plentiful, but I don't know when they are ready to collect.


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    Hi Mary. I found some tiny seedlings amongst my violas last week. I've left them to grow on and collected the remaining seed heads in an envelope, I think I will try sowing those in early spring. Never grown them before so a bit of an experiment.

    I've never grown wallflowers but for other seedheads I wait for them to dry and listen for the rattle of ripe seed inside. 

    I've learnt through the forum that some seeds germinate better sown 'fresh' and some can be stored.
    I'm trying out both methods with some astrantia seeds collected last week after reading conflicting advice online.
    Carol Klein=fresh.  vs  Monty Don=stored. 😵
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    I'd say leave some in the pot for a chance of some new plants coming up but this is the sowing advice I found online:

    "You can start pansy seeds indoors 6 to 8 weeks before you plan on transplanting them. Plant seeds in late winter for early spring and summer flowering, or plant seeds in the summer for winter flowering."

    I find they self seed all over the place if you let them, I've got them coming up in between paving slabs which I quite like!

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    You can store them in a dry place in paper envelopes, to  sow next Spring. Do not store in plastic as it encourages mould and rot.
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    That’s a greatly magnified seed 😀
    I always have pansies on the go,   Ready for winter/spring plants. They don’t germinate well in the hot weather, I sow mine in September then they’re ready for winter/spring tubs. 
    Dont  fuss over them sprinkle on top of the soil and leave in a cool place. 
    Heres soem sown last year, gone right through winter and spring and still going in my summer tubs. They are my farovurite flowers, I just love the humble pansy/Viola.

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    Thanks for the responses.
    @Lyn........yes, a very up close pic.......and one of my favourites too.
    I was so excited when I spotted the open 'star' like pod lined with seeds.
    @Kitty 2 astrantias are still in full flower........must remember to collect seeds later in the year.

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    I too get excited over the seed pods, I am compelled to collect them, but at the moment I dead head everyday so that they will continue to flower. Some I’ve missed and have started a collection. 
    Gardening on the wild, windy west side of Dartmoor. 
    Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose. 
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    I sowed astrantia  seeds fresh last summer but I didn't know that they need to be chilled before they will germinate. They sat outside doing nothing until the seed tray got knocked over by a pigeon and my OH cleared up the mess and threw the soil onto the garden. I now have baby astrantia  in all sorts of unexpected places,  not sure if that's a bonus! 
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    @Suesyn........I tried to grow the lovely red astrantia, none germinated  :(.
    I am definitely going to try to grow some extra plants this year from my own ones, unfortunately they are not red.  I do love them and do not find the flowers to be foul smelling, like some do.
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    Hi all, luckily I managed to find this thread again.  I'm new to collecting seeds this year (Very excited) I have already collected pansy/viola and geranium.  My question is I have Delphinium, some of the flowers have finished and there are green pods left. Can I take these off and store in a envelope now or do I have to wait until they dry on the plant. Thanks in advance 😁
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