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Problem with leaf miner

I have some quite old soil and compost mixes which perhaps need some aeration with added grit in my tubs. Some containers I have replaced with new soil now. However since buying some dianthus and perhaps prior on my kafer lilies which seem streaked and yellowing often I started to realise I had leaf miner. It seems to relish eating the wall flowers plant particuarly and even has attacked my young marguerites. I have looked at some biological control which I will try having failed with leaf removal and suspecting sprays might not work to well. I have several black leaf miner adults "flies" living in my dianthus flowers like an infestation to demonstrate it is highly likely leaf miner and did get mildew on my dianthus too. I am not doing to well but sprayed with a fungal spray and seemed to mainly get rid of the mildew. I could not see the mildew as it was a speckled white which was less obvious on the leaves. Any how after getting vine weevil to prior to all this I think I might change all my plants in my tubs to get rid of any problems. What do you think folks ?
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