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Rose query

This is a newly planted (about six weeks ago) climbing rose, bought from a local nursery as 'Pink Perpetue'.  

Unfortunately the photo isn't terribly accurate for colour as the flowers are a distinct coral colour - not just pink bordering on coral - and not what I expected.  The flowers are large, almost red when still in bud and have yellow stamens if that is at all helpful ... Does it look like PP to our rose experts please?


  • MarlorenaMarlorena Posts: 7,891
    At this stage I would give it the benefit of the doubt and say yes it is, but we really need another photo when the rose has grown a bit, and somewhat better clarity to be honest.

    The red buds you mention are typical of 'Pink Perpetue' and the foliage which is rounded, glossy, veined and serrated, I also see in your plant there...

    Please be advised that early blooms on roses are not always typical, you can get some very odd rose blooms in the initial stages and especially with this hot weather which can change the appearance of blooms quite a bit..   so just allow it to settle down for a while.. but I'm not seeing anything there which gives me reason to think it's something else at this stage...
    East Anglia, England
  • blameitonthedogblameitonthedog Posts: 122
    edited July 2018
    Thank you so much.  I did wonder if it could be connected to the fact that it is a very young plant.

    I quite like the coral colour but I suspect however it looks with maturity it will never look good against my neighbour's "lovely" new orange fence...I hope the fence colour morphs more than the rose!
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