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Dorcas Jarvis

I recently purchased 3 fuscia's named 'Holly's Beauty' and planted them in separate tall planters. The planters have exactly the same compost, watered and fed at the same time. placed 2ft apart either side a gate. 1 plant wilted despite watering but continued to wilt,leaves fell off.I removed the plant,roots were ok and planted it in a pot to see if it wold recover.I replaced it with the3rd plant and placed the container on same side of gate as the plant doing well.That also is showing the same signs as the other. I have checked for vine weevil but nothing. Any advise please


  • DorcascentsDorcascents Posts: 132
    I have grown tomatoes for a few years now but never come across a plant where the flowers are at the top only nothing has developed along the stem,which is approx 5ft tall.An identical plant which is growing in an identical pot beside it has tomatoes developing along the stem. they are both in the same compost, watered daily and fed weekly. Situated in a sunny spot south east facing. Any answers please.
  • ButtercupdaysButtercupdays Posts: 4,466
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    How big were the fuchsias when you bought them?
    Small plants generally need to 'grow up' by gradually increasing pot size, they don't do as well just planted straightaway in a large pot.
    The weather conditions have also been very stressful for plants trying to establish new roots. Fuchsias prefer some shade, though they will cope with sun when they are mature, established plants, and without a good root system  to take up the water, just wetting the soil they are in does not help them.
    Some tlc and patience needed, I think :)
    You will get more help on your tomato question if you start a separate thread. Tomato folk don't always grow fuchsias!
  • DorcascentsDorcascents Posts: 132
    Hi Buttercupdays,  Thank you for the information. I tried to put photograph on but they were too large so I need to try and resize them. The plants were approx. 6inch tall  and looked healthy.
    I will take advise re the tomato problem.
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