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Asiatic Lily short growth period/no buds

deswalshdeswalsh Posts: 43
A Verve Asiatic Lily [Orange Matrix] purchased four weeks back and planted and cared for as per the instructions,was sporting two large flowers when bought.The plant received tomato feed initially and again after two weeks.
The flowers died after four weeks.
I can see no sign of buds,despite the plant details advising of flowering until september.
I would be pleased to learn if anybody has any input .


  • DeeLynnDeeLynn Posts: 18
    edited July 2018
    I’m sure someone with more experience than me will come along and give you a better answer but I have an asiatic lily that was planted about 5 weeks ago and the same has happened. The initial Blooms/buds fell off and the plant seemed to stop growing. Earlier today I noticed 2 small new buds on it. Did you plant it out in a border? Keep it in the pot purchased? Or pot on into another pot?

    I’m just assuming mine was settling in and now that it has some roots down it’s back to producing blooms. 
  • FairygirlFairygirl Posts: 54,009
    Hi Des -  where have you planted  it? They do like a fair bit of moisture, and with this hot, dry weather, it may just be  a bit dehydrated. Although they will flower for quite a long time, it can be misleading when labels say something like that, because it really refers to  a more mature plant. They tend to be a bit forced into growth, so it can also be a bit of a shock to any plant when you get it home and it gets 'normal' conditions to grow in.They do like sun, but I often have them in a bit of shade too, and they're perfectly happy. 
    Lilies are bulbs, so all their growth potential is in that bulb. Keep it well watered, especially if it's in a pot, and a little feed of liquid seaweed as the plant dies back is beneficial, but once it's finished flowering, just leave it until it comes back into growth next spring. You may get another flower or two this year but it's unlikely. You also might need to pot on into a bigger pot, as they multiply each year, and it's probably already too big for the pot you bought it in.  If it's in the ground, you don't really need to do anything to it, providing the soil it's in is nice and rich and healthy   :)
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  • deswalshdeswalsh Posts: 43
    Hi there,
    The Lily is planted in a south facing border.
    I have been regularly watering and feeding so as you say it's possible that it's not used to perfect conditions.
    I will plant something that flowers in front of it as it's now just a stalk with lots of leaves.
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