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Ids please.

I’m in my partners grandads he told me to take cuttings or pots of plants so could any one help with id please?x


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    Hello FlowerNewbie. If you can upload some pictures it will help us to identify your plants for you.
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    3rd picture is a pheasant berry leycesteria formosa, 4th picture looks like a thistle weed. 2nd is familiar I want to say a deutzia but don't know. 5th could be anything it's too small to tell but first thought was a vibernum tinus.
    No idea on 1st it's sort of rhodedendron looking but don't think it is.
  • LynLyn Posts: 23,085
    2nd picture is a Deutzia, I have one similar called Strawberry Fields.
    4th pic I think you need to get that rhododendron out of the pot and into the grown, there’s a nasty weed that will be taking the goodness and water from the soil.

    the separate photo, is that a bay tree, break a leaf in half and see if it smells nice. 
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  • Ladybird4Ladybird4 Posts: 37,269
    First picture could be a Portuguese Laurel. Your spiky plant is possibly Echinops ritro. Bees love the flowers when they open. Lyn has nailed all the other IDs.
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    Ooh thank you! It’s hard to see but the first one has a purple tip, like a bud but also too thin to be flower but so unsure. The deutzia is beautiful isn’t it 😍 I did want to take Rhododendron but it’s massive and heavy and didn’t have much room.  Was hoping to take a cutting but doesn’t look to healthy for that 
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    On second viewing I do not think the spiky plant is an Echinops - its too bristly. I think it may be the Scottish thistle - still loved by bees but can be a bit invasive.
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    The photo looks more like a Hebe than a Rhododendron, on some, they are purple tipped and pointed before opening into two leaves.

    Picture 2 - Deutzia Scabra
    Picture 3- Leycesteria Formosa
    Picture 4 - Could be Eryngium or Echinops
    Picture 5 - Laurus Nobilis

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