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Is this catapillar on my onion plant?

I noticed this caterpillar (I think) on my onion plant, my  onions are planted next to my peas though in a  separate raised bed (hurst geeen shaft). I noticed some maggot in the pea pods when I was shelling my harvest this afternoon. But it would appear I’ve found the culprit on my onion plants; I started the onion from seeds, will this damage the plant? Also I’m inclined to clear my peas bed because I don’t want to waste the space if the product will  be full of maggots.

Please advice.


  • wild edgeswild edges Posts: 9,335
    There is a leek moth whose larvae eat onions. Google the caterpillar and see if it matches your one. I doubt it has any connection to maggots in peas though so you might have 2 separate problems there.
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