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as anyone used Perlka fertiliser to prevent club root in brassicas - grown on an allotment?  If so, how easy was it to use the correct amount and take correct safety precautions?


  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 29,645
    Does it not come with instructions?   I just use garden lime on the bed they're to be planting in and also grow them on form seedlings to plugs to 4"/10cms pots so they have a good root system before getting into the soil.   
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    I'd not heard of the stuff before but looked at a couple of data sheets. It seems to be for agricultural use as rates are in Kg/acre

    e.g. for cabbage
    160-600Kg per acre
    which works out to 40-150g per square metre applied 2 weeks before planting and optionally again 2 weeks after planting
    There are warnings that the overall amount MUST NOT exceed the plant's requirement for nitrogen..

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