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Caterpillars on random veg and flowers...

Hi all

Apologies first of all that my description of the caterpillar is small and green, I understand that this could be one of about a million insects, but they do seem to all be the same thing on several plants.

I have...

A gooseberry bush

And all the leaves are being eaten by these small green caterpillars.

They are about 1cm long, not hairy or spiky, and to me seems to be the same ones on each of these plants. They are only eating the foliage.

The strange thing is that I have mangetout growing about 2 feet from the peas, and these are untouched.

The gooseberry is some distance away from the peas and the pelargoniums even further away, so I cannot even say they have travelled.

I will try and get a photo when I can, but in the meantime, any ideas?


Lesley (novice!)


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