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Does anyone know what flower this is?

Amanda PAmanda P Posts: 11
I saw this flower at Downe House in Kent and the colour so was vivid it was amazing. I can't find exactly what it is though - so many things are similar but not quite the same.  Does anyone have any ideas please?  Thanks


  • JellyfireJellyfire Posts: 1,139
    edited July 2018
    Its anthemis tinctoria I think
  • Pete.8Pete.8 Posts: 10,953
    I've got an anthemis in flower that looks exactly the same.
    Very easy to grow - mine appeared as a seedling in spring and it's 3ft and a mass of flowers

    Billericay - Essex

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  • Amanda PAmanda P Posts: 11
    Thanks for the responses  - I'll be tracking down some seeds or plants to add to my garden! Really appreciate you getting back to me with the name!
  • JellyfireJellyfire Posts: 1,139
    They come in various shades, I’d say that one is Cota tinctoria - golden marguerite, but there are a few similar 
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