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Any thoughts on the right tree for our fairly narrow garden?

Hello all, it looks like my family will be moving to a mid terraced victorian house near Thetford Forrest that has sadly had its south facing garden completely stripped and laid to lawn. We’re choosing to view this as a blank canvas for us to plant up as we like and have started to come up with a wish list for a design that'll be wildlife friendly, sympathetic to the age of the building and all revolving round the biggest tree the space can cope with. There’s just one hitch …the space is only just over 4 metres wide (but pretty long). Any recommendations for relatively fast growing trees that could grow tall and fill this width would be amazing. We have a Silver Birch (which we love) in our current garden but had hoped to go for something like a Walnut …but they seem to have a large spread that could get it in trouble in the future …and we want whoever is after us to love it too. The neighbours have trees but probably wouldn't appreciate one hanging too much over the fence. We’re keen amateur gardeners so any tree tips would be much appreciated ...



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