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I have some Sarravenia plants that are indoors, the flutes have gone brown and dry at the top, could anyone tell me if it is ok to cut them off, and if so will they grow again?. Otherwise they have been growing really well. 



  • Hostafan1Hostafan1 Posts: 33,305
    They are very unforgiving if you let them dry out ( ie, they die, very quickly )
    If the ground is dry, maybe put a tiny hole in the lid of a 2l lemonade bottle and fill it and invert it next to the plant so the water seeps out over a period of time. You'd be able to see when it needs filling up again.
  • KeenOnGreenKeenOnGreen Posts: 1,735
    Sarracenia should never be kept indoors.  Outdoors in full sun, and exposed to winter cold is necessary.  Ours have been through 15 years of frost and snow, and we keep them in pots with no drainage whatsoever.  Drainage is recommended, especially in winter, but we've never found that to be necessary.  If you cannot collect rain water, use distilled water, but don't believe the tales about boiling tap water, or leaving it to stand outside for a few days.  The chemicals that will kill your plants will still be present. Do try and put them outside soon, but perhaps in the shade until the very hot weather goes, and give them rain or distilled water asap. They really are quite tough if you observe the full sun/winter cold/rainwater rules.
  • wiskers2245wiskers2245 south shieldsPosts: 19
    I've grown these for years and whether they're indoors or outside I keep them in standing water at all times because once the flutes dry up they won't turn green again. The flutes grow back quite quickly, I have to cut dead flutes off every year after winter. 
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