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Help with cucumber plant

I am growing 2 La diva cucumber plants in a container outside, however one of the plants seems to be suffering from something I am not sure off.  

I have attached some pictures, the stem have split and the leaves looks unhealthy.

what could this be?


  • herbaceousherbaceous Posts: 2,314
    I am no expert seyfades but this sometimes happens, more often in wet weather I have to say, and you can just tape them up with a splint and let them get on with it. They are heavy plants and use a lot of water so need good, even support, particularly when the fruit start getting big.

    Difficult to see from your pictures but I would only be concerned if I found residue on the stem or near the base, or if evidence of an animal was around them. Slugs sometimes graze on young stems which doesn't help. As I say, not an expert just my own observations from dealing with my cukes.
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