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Can anybody help me to identify this plant? We have moved house and this appeared in the garden.


  • madpenguinmadpenguin Posts: 2,527
    Possibly an Allium of some sort?
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  • punkdocpunkdoc Posts: 14,632
    edited June 2018
    Nectaroscordum Bulgaricum. It is the seed heads forming
    It was formerly known as Allium bulgaricum.
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  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 29,854
    Nectaroscordum.  One of my favourites.  Lovely flowers and quirky seed heads. 

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  • madpenguinmadpenguin Posts: 2,527
    Pesky name changes  :s
    “Every day is ordinary, until it isn't.” - Bernard Cornwell-Death of Kings
  • Thank you everyone.  I thought it was a type of allium but other than that had no idea.  As you say the seed heads are lovely too. I will be sowing the seeds so I can increase the numbers.
  • purplerallimpurplerallim Posts: 5,228
    I have planted a couple of these and they flowered for the first time. Funny how the flowers hang down, but the seed heads stand up. From what I understand it takes years for seeds to grow big enough to flower.
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