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Training raspberry plants

I purchased one of these as a small plant from Morrison's but now it's getting quite big. I've just got it planted in a 10 inch pot but looking to transplant it into a bigger one. Is the best way to train it on 6ft canes so it grows upwards? Just don't want it getting out of control


  • purplerallimpurplerallim Posts: 5,265
    Raspberries are s large plant. Do you have a summer or autumn fruiting variety? Either may last this year in a pot but really need to go into the ground for next year as the roots need lots of space do you have a half barrel sized tub and yes 6ft canes. This is my autumn fruiting after two years and it's s bit to grow yet. Also the autumn one is cut back to 6inches tall in February so this is all this year's growth. Hope this helps.

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