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Looks like leaf singe on purple leaved corkscew hazel

Hi.  Any advice appreciated.  The leaves at the top of this four foot high tree seem to be scorched with the heat.  Leaves are brown and crumbling.  Special little tree to me as my daughter planted it and she's now deceased.  Should I cut them off?  How do I prevent this happening?  


  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 17,439
    Shrubs shed leaves in this heat  because the transpirational loss is faster than they can suck the water up. Less leaves means less water loss. `all you can do is water it well, a good soaking every few days. It may sound daft but some shade in the form of an umbrella or parasol may help.
  • Paul B3Paul B3 Posts: 3,129
    Good advice from fidgetbones .
    Dare I assume that the tree , at only 4' high , is a fairly recent planting? If so keep constantly moist during this dry spell .
    If I've assumed wrongly , then just tell me to "shut-up"!!!
  • Thanks Fidget and Paul.  It's approx six years old and my daughter planted it at her off grid cabin in the countryside 11 miles way from my house.  The water butts are nearly empty now but I've bought a roly poly push along water carrier on wheels which I'll fill from the tap at the top of the track and give it a good drink today.  As far as I can tell through research, heat singe wont kill the tree so here's hoping.  On a mission now for the next few weeks.  Bring on the rain!  
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