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Monkey Puzzle Tree

roughly six months ago my partner brought me a monkey puzzle tree, when we took it out of the pot to plant into a large container, we found that a lot of the roots were not attached to the plant. (we should of returned it to the shop) but we Gave it a chance, for a while it seemed to do well. We fed the tree with fish, blood and bone and other fertilisers. Then we noticed a lot of the branches going brown, eventually we decided to be a bit brutal and cut the dead branches off and replant it into the ground to see if we could save it. Please any advice would be appreciated. 



  • I am no expert on these trees, although we do have one that is now 36 years old and growing fairly well in our front garden.  We feed it once or twice a year, a water it a few times.  In my opinion 2.winwood, the tree on the left looks healthy but needed to be planted in either a bigger pot or preferably directly into the ground with some blood, fish & bone and a good watering once a week (if in the summer months) for the first year.  The tree on the left looks dead, but I would continue watering weekly (but no feed) until you are absolutely sure it is dead or still alive.... I agree that you should have returned it to the shop - that is the only way they will know that perhaps they ought to change their plant supplier or step up on their plant maintenance.
  • s.winwoods.winwood Posts: 3
    Thank you for the reply it’s much appreciated, the two pictures are of the same plant, photo on the left is the day we purchased it and then the photo on the right is a present photo. I will continue wartering until there is no green left. Shame as we were very fond of the plant and are sad to see it in this state. 
  • Paul B3Paul B3 Posts: 3,129
    I think there's about a 90% chance your tree is dying now ; perhaps the best policy would have been to plant in a moist soil in a cool shaded position until some signs of life were noticed .
    Apologies for being the harbinger of bad news !
  • I fear that Paul is right, however don't over water it. Miracles do happen.
  • s.winwoods.winwood Posts: 3
    Will update in a few weeks, fingers crossed we still have a tree 😁 thanks for your comments 
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