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Sick Kiwi!?

Help! I have a sick kiwi plant! 

Its in a big pot (60x60x50cm) of approx. 60/40 JI No.3/organic veg compost
ive had to fight off some snails (see holes in leaves) and it's been doing really well since being planted out two days before it snowed! 

However i I think it's struggling in the heat, it was fine until earlier this week when the leaves have just suddenly gone dry and crispy. I've absolutely drenched the soil the last couple of days but if anything it seems to be getting worse.

It's on the patio in a corner between the house and fence an I'm wondering if it is simply getting too hot? The plant was to grow it up the fence/house as it's a climber. The back wall of the house is basically South facing and the patio gets direct sun from mid morning to mid afternoon. 



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    I've not grown kiwi but I know it grows into a large and vigorous plant and I wonder whether even a large container will give sufficient root space. 

    Hopefully someone who grows kiwi will come along soon  :)

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  • Kiwis love the sun so south facing isn't an issue. It's probably browning on the leaves because of a lack of nitrogen or potash. You can easily give it a feed of this and it should help it. I would say make sure there is sufficient drainage in the pot as this can cause root rot, they generally grow on a mound so the drainage is very important. If you Google Chris Bowers and sons that will give you some great tips for growing your kiwi. 
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