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Smoke bush leaves curling

Hi guys, I moved the cotinus royal purple into a pot when we were doing the driveway last year and it's still in the pot, but has doubled in size. It was flourishing but now in this hot weather even though I water every evening, the leaves are curling and it is looking poorly. I've read not to feed them too much in season and that they are sun lovers. It has sun and it's in the same position as it was in ground. Questions are: Can I move it into the ground or a bigger pot? I read it might drop right back if I do. And has anyone seen this before? Thanks loads.


  • PosyPosy Posts: 3,601
    The first thing to do, this minute, is to move it into the shade! When you dug it up it you will have reduced its roots, limiting its ability to take up water. The high temperatures and sun and breezes are just too much for it. Keep it in the shade, check it for moisture morning and evening and give it time to recover. Later you can put it in the ground or a larger pot, but don't expose it to this heat just yet. Many well established plants are flagging, never mind the youngsters.
  • UpNorthUpNorth Posts: 376
    good advice above.  Maybe also sit it in a pot/tray of water for a day.
  • MoviebabeMoviebabe Posts: 26
    I love this forum! I have taken both pieces of advice. It is now sitting in the shade in a tray of water. Thanks guys. I'll keep you posted on it.
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