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Seeping hoses

I have a large garden ,are seeping hoses the answer to watering. I have a bad back so finding it hard!!


  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 17,282
    They are excellent for permanent planting, especially if there are rows. I put some permanently in position around my raspberry rows. If you put something like a hedge in, then useful for the first year. ( after the first year it should manage.) I always have  one positioned around the runner beans. They are a good way of soaking the roots without wetting the top growth.  Make sure there is a water stop at the end to keep the pressure on, and don't connect too many together. I leave the raspberries one on overnight once a week. We are not on a water meter.
  • Pete.8Pete.8 Posts: 10,967
    I put one in yesterday.
    I got a 50m seeper hose for a west-facing border where everything is almost permanently wilted in this weather.
    The hose is VERY stiff, but I laid it out in the sun to bake for a couple of hours, then it was quite easy to lay. It would be very difficult to work with on a cool day. You can't do sharp bends with it as it'll kink.
    I read that a pressure reducer should be used with these pipes, so I got a pressure reducer from Amazon, but that doesn't appear to be working (there's a spray of water shooting out of it) so I'll have a look at it later today.
    I left it on all night and this morning there's a damp patch extending about 1ft either side of the hose.

    So far so good.

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  • Vicky8Vicky8 Posts: 5
    Thankyou that was very helpful
  • MoviebabeMoviebabe Posts: 26
    Hi Vicky, We bought some from Amazon, rubber soaker hoses that just seep, and we feed them on timers from the waterbutt, which takes care of any pressure issues. They work well. A solid feeder hose along the side of the garden, we bought a cheaper one from Wilko and cuts bits of it as needed, and attached it to the rubber hoses. After five years ours need replacing now as they have came to the surface and rubberised, in other words the holes have filled themselves in! We pinned them down just under the surface with u-shaped pegs which are made for fleece really but they work. My advice though, don't buy the expensive ones, cheaper is just as good in this instance, we've already cut and replaced parts over the years as I went through them with the spade! Hope this helps. Best J
  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 17,282
    The black rubber leaky hoses need pressure to push it through the fine holes. Mine slow down if someone turns a tap/washing machine etc on in the house.  They won't go round sharp bends as is said above. I got cheap ones from Lidl.
  • Vicky8Vicky8 Posts: 5
    Thankyou I will have to think about the pros and con's
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