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English Rose. Help.


  • MarlorenaMarlorena Posts: 8,325
    What is wrong here exactly?   I see one small leaf with minor blackspot - just pull it off, the rest of the foliage is fine...  the bottom photo the rose bud has proliferated - just cut it off.... nothing to worry about. ..
    East Anglia, England
  • There are lots of leaves with that on and I have read that these need to be burnt. Also we have two separate rose bushes and this proliferation has started on every bud after flowering on both bushes - this has never happened before. Do you know what causes it? I have pruned as usual. I am quite new to roses and as they are about 60 years old I am keen not to lose them. Many thanks. 
  • DimWitDimWit Posts: 553
    One stem in the picture is affected by something, could be a fungus, but could also be the onset of a canker, google it to see if other signs match it.
  • MarlorenaMarlorena Posts: 8,325
    clasta,... no one really knows why some roses proliferate,  it's a genetic predisposition some have, and is thought to be climate/weather related.  Some people think an excess of nitrogen is the cause.   If it happens repeatedly, then it's up to you whether you hold on to your rose or get rid of it.  I'm not especially sentimental, and if I am no longer enjoying a rose, then it's gone, simple as that, and I don't care if it's 1 year or 60 years old.   Your roses have had a good innings as they say..  

    If you have any dead wood on your plants, I think you do, then you should cut that out.  As for the cane that has dark blemishes, if it appears unproductive with poor foliage then cut that out too, but if you saw some of my roses, you would see that I do not fret too much about this sort of thing.

    As for blackspot, the much repeated advice about burning leaves is for those who have the time and energy to fuss like that.  I don't.  I hose off any old leaves, don't care if they've got blackspot on them or not, and just leave them, because clasta I can guarantee you one thing, blackspot will return next year and the year after that, no matter what you do, so burning leaves is for someone else, not for me...
    East Anglia, England
  • LiriodendronLiriodendron Posts: 8,204
    @clasta1985:  I'd take Marlorena's advice, if I were you.  She's an acknowledged rose expert on this forum.   :)
    Since 2019 I've lived in east Clare, in the west of Ireland.
  • Thank you all very much for the advice. Much appreciated. 
  • ChrisWMChrisWM Posts: 214
    Have you ever thought of running a rose blog @Marlorena?! I’d subscribe, being new to roses. 
    If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need. Cicero
  • MarlorenaMarlorena Posts: 8,325
    ChrisWM/Liriodendron... I'm most flattered and not sure I merit that, but thank you..  I would like to do a blog actually, but I've always thought no one would ever look at it, and it seems to require a level of commitment that I couldn't manage right now... maybe next year?... but thanks so much for your interest in my roses...
    East Anglia, England
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