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Biquinho chilli pepper pearls


I have recently eaten these delightful, little pearl chilli peppers in a salad.  I bought three chilli pearls home with me and I would like to know if I can plant the seeds straight from the fruit or do I have to dry out the seeds before planting? I would very much appreciate any help you can give because I am a novice gardener.

Many thanks



  • Pete.8Pete.8 Posts: 9,970
    I've not heard of that variety before - they sound lovely though.
    I've not saved seed before, but there's a very comprehensive article here that shows how to remove and dry the seed.
    I think it's too late to sow them this season, but sow them next year in early March, keeping them warm and care for them is almost the same as tomatoes. The main difference is to start feeding your chili plants as soon as the flowers open, usually in June.
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  • cimdacimda Posts: 2

    Thank you so much for all this information, and the link.  I am delighted.  I shall enjoy reading all about it and attempting to dry the seeds for next year.

    Thanks again

  • mikky.mikky. Posts: 8
    Cimda--i am two years into growing chillies, so still a 'newbie' really, but what i have been told is that seeds from a chillie fruit should be dried until they are brittle. All of mine are brittle when i start their growing season, although i think that dry could be adequate too. I have loads of  chillie seed types, i keep them in sealed containers, on top of the fridge freezer. Hope that helps!
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