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PhaidraPhaidra Posts: 534
My daughter has two ornamental grasses and a cactus that neither she nor I know what exactly they are.

We would both be grateful if someone could help.

Thank you.


  • Paul B3Paul B3 Posts: 3,080
    Not quite certain on the grasses , but the cactus is Cereus peruvianus 'Monstrosus' .
  • PhaidraPhaidra Posts: 534
    Thank you, Paul.  I've just googled it; it, apparently, produces beautiful flowers and edible fruits.  So much to look forward to!

    As for the grasses, she told me that when she'd bought them, both had the same name on their labels.  She can't remember it clearly but she thinks it was Deschampsia.  However, their flowers don't look the same.  I imagine they're different varieties??
  • ButtercupdaysButtercupdays Posts: 4,409
    The flowers change appearance as they open and reveal the stamens. The one on the left is definitely Deschampsia, the one on the right is a bit battered, but could be the same, just a bit more developed.
  • PhaidraPhaidra Posts: 534
    Thank you, Buttercupdays.  She'll be pleased she could remember at least that name!  I suppose we'll have to be patient and wait till the flowers of the second one are fully developed.  At the moment, they don't look remotely the same.
  • Sam 37Sam 37 Posts: 1,117
    Hi Phaidra, how nice to see you again.  I hope your break was a pleasant one! 
  • PhaidraPhaidra Posts: 534
    Hi Sam, yes, it is nice to be back.  The break was not exactly intentional.  When the board went through its reorganization, naturally we all had a break.  When it came back, I took a look and felt, I shall need time to read all this!  Unfortunately, I often find when a habit is broken it takes considerable effort to reinstate it.

    But, there's always plenty to do, places to visit and friends to see.  We've had  a lovely long holiday since, as well as several mini breaks AND tried not to let the garden become a jungle!

    I hope things have been fine with you.
  • Sam 37Sam 37 Posts: 1,117
    It all sounds quite exciting, Phaidra.  Any photographs??
  • PhaidraPhaidra Posts: 534
    Hi Sam, yes there are a few Holiday Photos but I think I will use the Potting Shed.

    I popped over to Greece twice for a few weeks, and once to Paris, Prague and Salzburg just for weekends.

    Some places are much lovelier than others but, when the company is pleasant, a break is always welcome!
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