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What to do with this patch of grass...

Hi, I’m looking for ideas as to what to do with/around the patch of grass in front of our house (see image).

We want to get rid of the pebbles and the wooden boards around the grass. I want to replace it with soil/slate. I would like plants such as lavender (in terms of appearance) around the grass but unsure which side/s to plant them on...bearing in mind I’ll need to get the lawnmower in occasionally too!

My favourite flowers are tulips which I’d like to plant in aged terracotta pots.

If anyone can offer suggestions to help me achieve this design or offer other design suggestions, I would be very grateful.

Thanks :)


  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 3,741
    What time and when was the photograph taken. Helps to know the amount of sun you get. I think you should leave the pebble section closest to the house and remove/dig up the other pebbled surround areas. Find out your soil type. It will help others choose the right plants for your front garden. Use the area closest to your front of house for pots. Keep them low to highlight your evergreen shrubs.
  • josusa47josusa47 Posts: 3,015
    Jess, what are the five sticky-up things between the grass and the house?  Is it a clipped hedgelet? You could build a small raised lily pond on the grass, with a tinkly little fountain.  Or a wooden planter, maybe asymmetric, on three levels, your tulips could go in them, and some small flowering shrubs such as potentillas, to take over when the tulips have finished.  (Beware predictive text: I almost suggested you grow potentials.)
  • Thanks you for your replies. 

    Borderline - the photo was taken at midday. We get lots of sun in the morning and progressively less after midday. We are facing north-east. I’m not sure what soil type we have but I shall get a testing kit to help us decide on the plants.

    Josusa - Yeah it is hedge. What a fab idea creating a pond! That had never crossed my mind. I will definitely be having a research into that! 

    Thanks both of you. Any further suggestions are also welcome. We are novice gardeners so the more help the better 🌻 
  • ObelixxObelixx Vendée, Western FrancePosts: 20,036
    If that is a front garden I wouldn't put a pond in.  Asking for vandals and idiots to lob things in it.

    That is such a small area of grass I'd be tempted to dig it all up, add loads of well-rotted manure and plant some perfumed shrubs and roses (thorny to deter unwanted visitors), maybe with an obelisk or arch or frame of some sort to give height for a climbing or rambling rose.   This would save you the effort of removing all the pebbles and also dragging the mower thru the house every week.
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  • Thank you for your replies. I’ve come up with some ideas now and feeling good about it! Hopefully will be going ahead with a water feature/pond as we live in a quiet and friendly area and the grass patch shown is far back from the street 💚 
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