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I have always used compost from my bins (when it is ready) straight onto beds etc but I have been thinking that it is never ready when I really want it in the spring. Can I store ready to use compost in compost bags and if so is there a max time I can usefully keep it?  


  • wild edgeswild edges The north west of south east WalesPosts: 8,832
    I prefer to store it in bulk in builder's sacks where it can carry on breaking down. Compost bags are too small, not really breathable and are designed to keep compost sterile and the fertiliser level constant. I've tried it and the compost gets very damp and can get anerobic. The builder's sacks have handles too so you can give the compost a quick stir by just yanking the bag around a bit. I like to give it a year in the bag as a lot of the weed seeds will sprout in there over the summer and as you stir it the seedlings just get broken down into the compost.
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