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Dark red rose



  • B3B3 Posts: 27,024
    Brown lensed sunglasses glasses help too.
    They make greens greener too. It would help avoid  all those 4-in-1 victims we get this time of year too
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  • MMflowerMMflower Posts: 79
    @Fire, it can be either a shrub rose or a climber, I have space for both. At this point, I'm driven by the colour more than anything else though ideally it'd be repeat-flowering. You're right about the colouring - on various sites, the same rose looks so different - can appear almost black-ish in some images but crimson on another. Oh well...
  • FireFire Posts: 18,148
    edited June 2018
    Ok. So I have been on the hunt for a properly dark red rose for some time. As I say, the colour on one plant hugely depends on all sorts. My roses smell strongest when they have just opened - the first day. I have mostly climbers as I have no space for shrub roses.

    My short list is

    ~Ena Harkness - great smell, I love the flower habit, droopy necks but this is not necessarily a problem.
    ~Souvenir du Dr. Jamain - I planted two last autumn and my first flower came out yesterday. Stunning. Not disease resistant. Likes a north wall / some shade
    ~Crimson Glory - not that dark, but properly red, not pink
    ~Barkarole - a shrub rose. I have just put one in.

    All these are repeaters. I'm still looking for a super-dark red climber. I agree with B3 that wearing a pair of sunglasses when looking at the roses would be the easier way.

  • NollieNollie Posts: 7,490
    Yes, my sun does bleach out the colour of most reds. Purples also turn pink for me. I am looking for a climber/scrambler to replace a disappointingly mid pink Crimson Shower (at least it’s not whitish baby pink as it was to begin with) and another shrub rose to complement RDB.

    I reckoned if I could get the deepest darkest red possible I might stand a chance of getting, well, red. Sadly I don’t have the right conditions for Souvenir DDJ, but Barkarole looks promising Fire, let us know how it turns out. If it’s red in its first season that would be a promising sign!
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  • MMflowerMMflower Posts: 79
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    Thanks for the list.
    Souvenir due Dr. Jamain looks wonderful. I saw Barkarole at the garden centre yesterday and almost bought it but then thought I'd do some research first. Also saw 'Pure Poetry' which was reddish/burgandyish with a real heady scent - absolutely wonderful - but was told by the centre staff that it is not prolific at flowering. 

    These are some of the ones I've got on my list of 'check-it-out-before-buying' :smile:

    - Tuscany Superb
    - Burgandy Ice
    - Guinee
    - Empereur du Maroc
    - Hommage a Barbara
    - Sealed with a Kiss
    - Le Rouge Et Le Noir

  • FireFire Posts: 18,148
    Ah, I don't know those listed. How much sun do you have?

    I don't like very tight doubles. They look forced and ovebred to me and no bee has a hope in hell of getting in, if there's anything to get in for. I tend to go for something looser.

    There is also the Etoile de Hollande which I am planning to put in the autumn. Maybe. Not that dark, but strong scent, vigorous and repeating. 

    I would say it's so worth doing the research. I bought two cream climbing roses last year and they are really the wrong choice. They are big now, and I will live with it. I was looking for a shade tolerant rose and just kind of gave up trying to find what I was looking for.
  • MarlorenaMarlorena Posts: 8,438
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    The best dark red bush rose is 'Ingrid Bergman', strong scent, hybrid tea type.  It's a Hall of Fame rose...
    If you want a climber, dark red and strongly scented, 10 -12 feet, then 'Gruss an Teplitz' would always be my choice, but some people don't like the name, and it will blackspot a bit from mid June. Depends on how sensitive you are to that.  Doesn't bother me at all.

    'G an T'.. early bloom late May.. it has beautiful Spring foliage..

    ..I hope you like whichever one you eventually choose, you have some good choices.
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  • MMflowerMMflower Posts: 79
    @Marlorena , what a beautiful rose. I did see the plant being sold at the garden centre but it was not in bloom. I'll go back another day and see if any in bloom. :)

    @Fire , I get plenty of sun  in the garden and some of my roses are placed along the south-west-facing wall. Planted only last year but doing well so far. I also have quite a few in large containers eg. Dublin Bay and Munstead Wood. 
  • FireFire Posts: 18,148
     Marlorena is rose queen - she knows her onions!
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