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Weed identification

We have a very tough weed popping its ugly head up in various places throughout our lawn. This morning I took it upon myself to attempt digging out some of the root, but as you can see from the attached photo the root is incredibly woody, like that of a tree. If I continue with this method we won’t have much lawn left!

If anyone could please identify what on earth it is, and better still how to deal with it I would be most grateful. I’ve attached 3 pics, showing leaves, manifestation in lawn and root. Many thanks.


  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Posts: 86,175
    That does look like either new shoots from an old tree stump or suckers from the roots of a fruit tree.

    If totally digging it all out isn't an option (and if it's appearing in several places it would be quite a task) I would buy some SBK Brushwood Killer and paint it onto the leaves.  

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