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Azelia advice .

BurtsnestBurtsnest Posts: 174
Hi, I have a Azalea purple pink. It's been in planted in the garden for about 2 years. It flowered this year but hasn't grown much it's around 30cm high and wide.  Reading up on them a little more acid soil is recommended and most seem to grow well in pots. My soil is Alkaline around 7.5ph. Would you leave it where it is or pot it on in ericaceous soil. Thanks 


  • Paul B3Paul B3 Posts: 3,129
    Absolutely ; remove from ground , break up the root system to stimulate new growth and then plant in ericaceous soil . Water only with rainwater ; low nitrogen feed during the summer months , and stand in dappled shade .
    Above all , keep moist at all times !
  • BurtsnestBurtsnest Posts: 174
    Thank you  Paul B3 that's all I needed to hear.   :)
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