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Evergreen 4 in 1 lawn treatment - HELP!!!

Hi I'm brand new here so not sure how it goes here so please excuse any mistakes.
I am a complete amateur and know very little of gardening and could really use some help and advice. 
We have given our garden little attention for a few years and now we're trying to get control again. We've had Ivy taking down fences and overtaking everything. We've now removed it dug out most shrubbery from boarders too. But still overrun with weeds brambles, creepers, nettles etc and little grass left. We've been clearing it out and spraying but the lawn needs help now. 
So last night I put down evergreen 4 in 1 treatment and watered the area well as I have a toddler and cat so needed it safe asap. So I'm checking it now before I let baby play and can see seeds and drift in places, also a few patches looking black and a few white ones too. What do I do? Do I just leave it to do its job?  Is it safe for little one to play out there today? Should I rake it in a bit and or water it again. I'm so sorry I have no clue, but I do hope to learn. Sorry this is so long. I can take pictures of needed. Thanks so much for reading. X


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    the last one is a photo from a few days ago before the treatment.
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    The whole point of this product is to kill weeds and feed your grass.   You have to expect the weeds to look pretty bad as they die.   If your lawn was mostly weed it's going to look mostly bad for a while.

    Go back to your original thread from earlier on and see the answer given there and read the instructions carefully.   You may need to water it.  You will certainly need to rake up all the dead material once the product has had time to kill the weeds.   You will then need to re-sow to fill the bare areas.  Also, when you do mow your lawn in future, raise the blades a bit as cutting it too short weakens the grass and makes it easier for weeds to establish.

    Have a read of this info about lawn care - and see if that helps.   To be honest, while your child is young and you have a pet I'd be less concerned about weeds as long as it looks green  and gives them somewhere safe to lay so I suggest you finish this one process thru, as above, and then leave the chemicals alone for a few years.
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    the 'before' photo looks like an ideal lawn for a toddler to play on. Once you start on the lawn improving route it's endless

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