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Cersis Canadensis Forest pansy tree

Afternoon all, 

my forest pansy tree is looking a little sorry for itself, can anybody suggest what the problem might be and how I can resolve it? 

It was moved April/May having been originally planted 12 months ago. It was in damp heavy clay so the root ball hadn’t really broken out into the soil surrounding. 
After I moved it to a prepared bed it has not blossomed but the buds burst straight into leaf and it has seemed perfectly happy until the last week or two. As you can see the leaves are yellowing and some have fallen. 
I also worry about the way it wobbles around in the wind. It is staked at 45degrees as advised to stop root movement but it ain’t half bendy! Any ideas? 


  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 4,700
    If you see no other signs like bark damage and pests on the leaves, it is a young tree, and had been moved very recently, as you stated, the roots are not fully rooted into the surrounding soil. It's summer now and the weather has warmed up, coupled with lack of rain, it's very likely your young tree is stressed due to lack of water. I would recommend you water it in the evenings or early morning time. Water generously. On clay soils, the soils shrink and pull away from the roots, especially if you have only planted it in this spring.
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