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Help to get a better lawn for my kids to play



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    They might be useful if there's enough of them!
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  • Hi, after a few months of hard graft and one 8 yard skip filled with slab, monoblock, weeds and dirt. I’m nearly finished! I have put the top soil down as close to level as I could get it. I have put the grass seed down and it’s finally starting to come through! There are some areas that are noticeably bumpey! Can I just fill these in over the top of the seed to try further level? And 1 small area is holding water and the top soil looks like sludge! How can I get rid of this?Thanks again for the help
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    Leave it well alone now with no walking on it or mowing till you have some good strong growth and when you do eventually cut it, don't make it too short.   Put the mower blades on the highest possible setting so there is plenty of leaf left to feed strong root growth.  Don't cover the seeds and seedlings now.  They'll die.

    Once it grows, any minor dips in level should be disguised by grass and any that are too obvious can be addressed by careful and very light top dressing with ordinary soil over a few months until it is level.

    Watch the soggy bit over winter and see how it does.  It may be fixable by spiking and dressing with sharp sand ( a process called aerating) or you may need to think about digging out a bed for bog loving plants.
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    You've done well! Congrats.
  • Thanks guys
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