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Help to get a better lawn for my kids to play



  • LiriodendronLiriodendron Posts: 8,261
    Glyphosate weedkiller would work well - it can take a week before big weeds like those dock plants look sick, but it kills them right down to the roots so they won't re-grow.  Then you can bring in the topsoil and turf. 

    The current weather is ideal for weed killing.  Dry but not windy.
    Since 2019 I've lived in east Clare, in the west of Ireland.
  • s30avos30avo Posts: 31
    Would I just put it in a watering can and spray it all over the grass?

    thanks very much for all the help! 

    Much obliged 
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  • Hello, I'm afraid there is no quick fix whether you manually remove the weeds or use weedkiller - even with a weedkiller you still have to remove all the weeds/grass. . A previous post gives the following advice which is:
    "You need a glyphosate one to kill the roots of perennial weeds.  You need to apply it all over and wait for a couple of weeks (check pack) to make sure the chemical has got all the way down to kill the roots.  When you have waited the allotted time, dig out the old brown turf/weed mixture, level carefully before re-seeding or turfing.  Glyphosate neutralises on contact with the soil, so will not affect the new seeds or turf.  It sometimes has brand names at the GC, so look at the small print or ask an assistant."
    You could get some friends around for a ' garden' party?  ;) we've got a nice week of weather coming up B)
  • s30avos30avo Posts: 31
    Hi thanks again for the reply’s! I think I’d like to keep real grass! I think I’ll get a sense of achievement if I can manage to restore it! How big could the roots been in the weeds from the photos? Could I dig a few inches down to get rid of the old turf and see what’s below? When I lay the top soil to level the garden do I lay it loose or do I have to press it down flat by walking on it? Hopefully it makes sense.
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  • JoeXJoeX Posts: 1,783
    I’ve only been gardening a year so everyone else here is more experienced, but my approach as a working dad would be;

    Weds night:
    Buy weedkiller/mosskiller/lawn improver/seed mix on the way home from work
    Spread it over the lawn

    Buy a hat, and some ale
    Rake it
    Drink some ale
    Pull out all the dead weeds
    Finish the ale

    Leave it

    Weds night:
    Weedkiller/mosskiller/lawn improver/seed again

    Mow it

  • s30avos30avo Posts: 31
    LoL hi, I’d like to level it too! I tried just throwing grass seed down but birds seemed to eat it lol and it didn’t work after I watered it! I really need to bite the bullet and spend a week pulling weeds out 
  • s30avos30avo Posts: 31
    Spent about an hour after work cutting the grass/weeds then I raked it to try expose most of the soil and look at the roots of the weeds. They’re very thick and stretch far under the ground! Will I just take the full garden then spray strong weed killer over the full area of the garden to kill everything? 
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