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Christine Brown

My 10 year old Red Robin is the focal point to my garden. About 15ft tall and is usually stunning. Since the snow and storms earlier this year the leaves have gone brown and crisp. There are no spots on the leaves.  I have watered and fed and there is no new growth this year.  Should I leave it and see how it goes or give up and chop in down.  Don't really want to but I have a feeling you will tell me its dead.


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    Brown leaves wont turn green again. A photo would be helpful
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    There's a hedge of Photinia 'Red Robin' outside a local supermarket here.  It was completely defoliated by the "Beast from the East".  One end of it has slowly recovered - it looks pretty tatty but new leaves have appeared at the tips of the branches.  But the other end of the hedge looks like your shrub... I'm very much afraid it's dead.  Have you tried the bark-scrape test?  If the stem is green when you gently scrape the bark with your thumbnail, it could be ok.  If not, not...
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