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Will my tree recover

I was given a 6ft christmas tree by my friend who didnt want it anymore.
The tree was planted in the ground and on arrival to me didnt have many roots with it, there were no fibrous roots and very short thickish roots so i wasnt holding much hope for the tree also as it was a quick decision i hadntmade any arrangements so just dug a hole and planted it.
Now 3 months on the tree was still alive so i made a wooden planter to keep it in and when i transfered the tree id broke more root and over the past 3 weeks the top has started to go brown though the rest of the tree is still green and there's not much drooping or curling of the needles so,

1, Will it recover
2, Should i remove those dying branches ?
3 Will those dying branches regrow or will i be left with a bare stem making the tree not uniformed in shape...


  • autumngloryautumnglory Posts: 255
    It's the wrong time of year to be moving trees really. It's probably struggling to take up the water it needs. Conifers don't recover from dead parts but keep it well watered and see what happens.
  • hogweedhogweed Posts: 4,053
    That looks as though it could be quite big. How big is the tree and how big is your planter. I would also keep it somewhere shady until it looks as though it has recovered. Perhaps post a pic of the whole tree so we can have a look at the whole thing. 
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