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Newbie strawberry and raspberry questions

I'm new to fruit growing and things have got to a point where fruit is appearing and I wanted some advice.
In the following pics I seem to have two types of raspberries, in different locations. All the raspberries were wild and not keep so I tied them up and got rid of dead stems, you can see them in top right before I sorted them out...

My first question is that these have really bushed out, are there too many here?..

Next question is that there seems to be two leaf types of raspberries, do they need different care? 
1. A kind of smaller withered look leaf..

2. A bigger more bushy type...maybe just younger plants?

Next is the strawberries.. these have started fruiting,
when should I put hay down?(been told it's a good idea)
I see one of the plants is producing alot of runners, which is good as I want to fill this trough with strawberries...

I'm trailing the runners to open areas, I had thought about burying little pots into the soil to grow new plants from runners in pots, when can I cut the runner from the old plant?

Thank you, 
Thank you, 


  • SkandiSkandi Posts: 1,622
    I can't help you with the raspberries, I have one and it looks truly unhappy!

    But with the Strawberries, you can put straw down anytime, but it is easiest to put it down just as they start growing in early spring, put a couple of inches over the whole bed, they'll happily grow up through it, You can put it on later, it is just more work trying to push it under all the leaves and fruit.

    As to the runners I do bury little pots and pin the runners down with a stone (I have a lot of stones lying around) They can be cut off when they have rooted and started growing. (give them a gentle tug, if they don't move they can be cut)
  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 16,537
    edited June 2018
    When the raspberry canes that have fruit on have finished, they tend to turn brown, and the leaves do look pathetic. After all the fruit has come off, you cut that cane out. That leaves the new canes, which will currently be fresh and green looking,and  which will fruit next summer.  The fourth photo shows a good crop to come. If you have had it dry, a good soaking at the roots will help them.  The fifth photo, there are some new canes coming up at the front , to fruit next year. The potted raspberries look like new canes. I am assuming they are not autumn fruiters. If they flower and fruit this autumn,(primmocane varieties like Polka) you cut them down to the ground in January.

    Skandi has the right idea with the strawberries.
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