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New layed turf - grass slightly yellow looking


Help and advice needed?

I had my back garden layed on 5th May. Is the turf/grass supposed to look like this? It has been watered regularly. It has also been cut 3 times on the highest setting with a petrol lawn mower.


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    I can't really seen what is wrong with it. Looks like a good start. Keep an eye on watering in at this time of year. Evening soak is ideal and needs to be a long soak if there has been no rain for over a week. Keep it on high setting if there is hot dry weather like now. You can start to lower the blades once there is rain and cooler temperatures. 

  • Hello,

    i could use use some help with my turf.

    i laid turf in my garden in 2 phases. The first phase I didn’t water for 5 days which I now know was a recipe for disaster. The first lot of turf has completely dried out. I have been watering it daily and it is starting to show some signs of life. Do you think there is any chance the turf will recover and is there anything that I can do to encourage this?

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