Aubergines not flowering

I decided to give Aubergines another go this year - last year I had healthy plants in the GH but not a single flower on any of the 3 plants I grew. Tried again this spring and I have 3 very healthy looking plants - now about 16 inches tall in a large grow bag. Pinched out the growing tip at about 6 inches high and avoided giving feed (just water) but to date no evidence whatever of a single flower. GH is well ventilated and the plants look good but flowerless!!! any ideas anyone? John Harding


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    Should have added the variety I'm growing = Boniface F1 - (seed from Thompson & Morgan) Germination was fine and grown at a fairly constant temperature circa 20 C in a temp controlled heated GH
  • I should have come back on this: The plants grew on to a height of around 4ft plus, there was plenty of foliage but still no flowers. I contacted Thompson & Morgan and asked advice. Lady on the phone had no answer to hand but said she would call me back in about 10 minutes after she had done a bit of research - and she did! - Advice was to dissolve a desert spoon of Epsom salts into a 9 litre can of water and treat the plants with that. WOW! flowers everywhere and a good crop of healthy aubergines. We had some great Moussakas, roasted aubergine, ratatouille, and a couple of dishes I cribbed from Matt Biggs' book (Complete book of vegetables) and from Dean Edwards (former Bristolian winner of Masterchef) who used to do quick recipes on "Lorraine Kelly's" breakfast show.
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    Brilliant :)
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    Thank you for letting us know.
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  •  Interesting and very useful to know :)

    Good for T & M too - they usually get rather a bad press for their lack of interest/customer service, etc. these days.
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